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Use your imagination and great sense of vision to picture yourself doing exactly what you would love to be doing for your business or career.  Making the money that you want to make.  Spending the time with your family and loved ones like you wish you had in the past.  Having the body that you often look into the mirror and wish you saw.   See it and feel it! 

In 5 years you can do almost anything that you set you mind out to do.  Those who are living the life you wish to live took action 5 years ago moving in a focused direction to where they wanted to go.  Don’t be jealous of their success – cherish it and learn from them.  If you stir up your emotions, write your story and start taking action now you will be where you want to be in 5 years.  Do nothing different and you life will be pretty much the same 5 years from now. 

Be like Bill Gates was when he started his journey in his garage doing what he loved.  Be like Stephen King was when he started writing with little money to support his passion.  Be like the President Barack Obama who started life in a very simple and challenging childhood but grew to become the President in the most powerful nation in the world.  Be like the successful business person who you purchase their services or products.  There is no magic to make it happen for you – just be the person you wish to be one step at a time and most importantly starting NOW! 

You can follow or lead, just know which choice you make and get in motion to get there!


With this series we will explore the most successful Las Vegas Businesses.  We will explore what makes them successful, what failures they experiences and best of all what you can learn from them to make yourself and business more successful.


All Bad things must end!

The new year and decade is here!  While 2009 brought many good things to some, most are glad to see the year end and a new begin.  So what does 2010 bring for us?  Will it be better than 2009?  Many “experts” have given their opinion on what the next year brings but we must hold some reservation on how much reality their wisdom holds.  Does anybody really have the insiders knowledge that will lead to riches and success?  Not a chance!  So now what?  Go to the casino and drop you life savings (if you have any still) on the blackjack table?   Don’t do it as there is hope and a change of fortune on your horizon if…………….

Reality in 2010 = change and frustration

Facing reality versus what we want things to be will be not only your greatest frustration but also your greatest friend.  Those who realize that the world has changed and what beliefs we formed in the last decade are simply not going to work for this decade.  For those that keep waiting for the economy to recover and getting back to normal will probably be waiting a very long time.  For those that are fully aware of the changes taking place will be in a once in a lifetime opportunity for success and prosperity!   There is a great poster of a road with a sharp u-turn  that says a curve is only a problem if you fail to make the turn.  Change is only bad if you fail to follow the direction it goes!

Leading Change by first blending with it

In the Martial art of Aikido you learn not to resist the “opponent”  but to intercept and redirect their energy  to your advantage.  When your opponent is strong (global economy) don’t waste your time trying to stop the events or situations you find yourself in, learn the direction of that energy and then refocus those energies or customers into the direction that leads them to your product or service to solve their problems.  

What all this means to you……………..

Like taking a trip you can’t learn to get where you want to go without first knowing where you are.  This same concept applies more than ever to the economy.  You must first step back and access reality before you can set a path forward.  In whatever goal you wish to achieve first ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the state of the situation (for example as a Real Estate Agent – What is selling now)
  • Is there a trend that I can see a declining or growing (How many homes have sold this month vs last month, last 3 months)
  • What external factors might be effecting the current state and trends (home sales are up due to tax incentive, low interest rates, low prices)
  • Take the top three external factors and see if you can determine their likely trend (how long will the tax break last, etc.)
  • Are there any external factors which aren’t currently effecting the situation but could (new regulations, laws, etc.)
  • What is your gut feeling telling you

Do your homework but don’t over analyse the questions.  You can always find ways to second guess your findings and there will always be those who will tell you reasons why your idea’s aren’t going to work.    Seeing  what is reality and taking action is what will allow you to lead the field in this new decade!   Be Creative – Challenge yourself – Find the flow of things and quickly blend and then lead the way!



In case you have been hibernating for the last year here is a statistical snapshot of the current Las Vegas economy:

  • The local newspaper job postings went from 12 plus full size pages to less than 2
  • The local phonebook yellow pages went from 6 inches to only 4
  • Average Hotel occupancy went from 95% in 2007 to 83% as of August 2009
  • Mccarran International Airports arriving and departing passenger count is down 11.3% from last year (22% for international flights)
  • Las Vegas leads the nation in home foreclosures for the 32nd straight month
  • Unemployment is 2nd in the nation at 13.2% versus 9.8% for the rest of the nation
  • Gaming Revenue (what the casino’s get when you don’t win) is off 6.7% from a year ago

Enough of the bad news as all those statistics are like looking into the rear view mirror – anyone can do it and tell you what already happened with 100% truth.  The real Holy Grail is having the ability to look forward and forecast where things are headed with a high degree of probability.  

So what is the good news you ask?  Where is Las Vegas headed in the future?  The key to this answer comes in the understanding that fear is greater than greed.  Fear is the bad things we anticipate happening in the future – the monster in the closet as a child, losing your health, losing your income……………. Greed on the other hand is the excessive desire of wealth, popularity or anything one deems valuable. 

Warren Buffet says to “be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy when others are fearful.”  As the statistics  above show most people are fearful – for now.  Fear has overcome greed as thrifty wins out over excess – for now.  The bankers are fearful – driven by the large losses in the housing and commercial markets – for now

For now we can find some comfort in the poor economy.

  • Less traffic congestion
  • Lower prices for almost everything – especially housing!
  • Halted Construction near the beautiful Red Rock Canyon
  • Cheaper gas prices (less driving = less oil usage = less cost per gallon)
  • Return to simple and free recreation – parks, picnics, family time
  • Increase in online businesses and opportunities
  • Many are searching for their true passion and taking time to create the career and life they would prefer
  • Our kids will grow up with a stronger appreciation for what they do have versus what they don’t have
  • Best of all – we tend to look deeply into what really matters in life!

Now that times are difficult we embrace simplicity and less is more attitude but as the economy slowly improves there will be a sense of a foundation under our feet and a safety net below, many of us will strive to find ways to prosper and create new wealth.  Greed will surface once fear is forgotten and those who understand this will be there waiting for their share of prosperity in Las Vegas!  Wanna Bet on it?

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